Our goal is to make purchasing service vehicles as easy and cost effective as possible.

To enable us to sell at the best possible price we limit sales to members of the Community Transport Association of America. If you are not currently a member of CTAA, you may join via their website.

We offer Toyota Sienna and Dodge Caravan vans in several configurations. Vehicles are limited to these configurations. Further customisation is not provided.

We offer financing for vehicles through Brandl Mobility Financing and lease to own through Hamilton Leasing. Application for financing or leasing is part of our sales process.

Steps to Ordering

Our order page guides you through each of the steps:

  • Select the vehicle make and configuration. Pricing information is provided on the order page.
  • Select shipment option.
  • Apply for financing or leasing or select payment in full.
  • Details on any necessary down payment (or payment in full if not financed) are provided.
  • Submit your order.

For security reasons your application must be completed in a single sitting.

Timeline for Ordering

An approximate timeline for the order process is:

  • Submit your order.
  • Your CTAA membership number and email address will be verified.
  • Shipping preferences will be confirmed.
  • If financing or leasing, the approval process will take approximately 3 business days. Once approved, you will receive a loan or lease agreement via express mail. Return the signed loan agreement.
  • If not financing, submit payment in full to the address provided on the order page.
  • Once the approved financing or leasing agreement is returned (or payment in full is received) your vehicle will be sent to conversion. The conversion process will take approximately 10 days.
  • Once conversion is completed you will be contacted to arrange for a delivery or pick-up date.