Available Conversions

Caravan Configuration 1

  • Single wheelchair
  • Price: $34,495*


Caravan Configuration 2

  • Two wheelchair positions
  • Price: $34,895*


Caravan Configuration 3

  • Two wheelchair positions
  • One stretcher position
  • Price: $35,695*


*All prices include all incentives and rebates "if any".

Pre-owned wheelchair accessible vehicles also available. Contact Us for details.

Base Features

  • Base model details for the Dodge Caravan SE are available from Dodge

Conversion Features

  • Fully ADA and FMVSS compliant
  • Successfully crash tested
  • Multiple configurations including:
    • One Wheelchair
    • Two Wheelchairs
    • Two Wheelchairs and a Stretcher
  • Easy to use and maintenance-free ramp
  • Industry leading ramp capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  • Impressive 22 MPG average in combined driving
  • Standard 3-passenger seating in second row
  • Seats up to 5 ambulatory passengers with 1 wheelchair or 6 ambulatory with optional 2 passenger flip seat in wheelchair position
  • Three years / 36,000 mile conversion warranty

Vehicle Specifications Chart

Lowered floor length (short cut)58.5"
Lowered floor length 87"
Lowered floor width31"
Usable ramp width30"
Ramp length (auto)45"
Ramp length (manual)45"
Vision buckets21
OEM quads12
Rear bench in front of lowered floor42"
Ground clearance at rear frame8"
Ground clearance at skid plate7"
Front wheelchair location interior height (w/o overhead console)57"
Front wheelchair location interior height (with overhead console)54"
Entrance height (available ADA option = 56")54"
Overall height (hatch open)85"
Overall height (hatch closed)71"
Ramp slope (auto, kneeled) 11 degrees
Ramp slope (manual) 11 degrees

Dodge Caravan SE - 1 Wheelchair

Dodge Caravan SE - 2 Wheelchairs

Dodge Caravan SE - 2 Wheelchair / 1 Stretcher

Dodge Pro Master